TC sets out expectations from Transport Managers

The Traffic Commissioners understanding of relevant legislation is key to how they will apply the rules when faced with an Operator at Public Inquiry. Opportunities to keep up to date with their views can be few and far between despite their best efforts to make themselves available to the industry, so we are pleased to share the following views expressed at a recent FTA Transport Managers’ Conference.

North Eastern Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney recently reaffirmed that the role of a Transport Manager is not just to “check tachographs and vehicle maintenance records”, but to exercise “continuous and effective control” over transport operations. Speaking at the FTA’s Transport Manager Conference in Chepstow he recognised that many Transport Managers had worked hard to obtain their Certificate of Professional Competence, but could potentially be disqualified for life if they did not actually have an appropriate level of involvement in the day to day running of the operation.

Using real life cases as examples Mr Rooney confirmed that Transport Managers must be involved in negotiations for new business to ensure the service can be delivered legally, have control of their budget and time to discharge their duties. He also reminded the audience that about 1,000 Operators find themselves facing Public Inquiries every year.

Silk Thread Tip. Revisit the Traffic Commissioners guidance regarding the duties of TMs and the number of TMs required for your fleet size and spread.