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SilkThread® LogisticsHealth and Safety

SilkThread®Logistics Health and Safety

SilkThread® Logistics Health & Safety web application is based on our years of logistics industry experience and backed up by our team of expert consultants. Using it, you can be confident you are following industry best practice and that you will be updated and alerted to the latest legislation changes that affect you.

SilkThread® Health & Safety module provides a complete overview of all your H&S requirements via our straightforward online audit tool. By progressing through the audit and clicking on the links to the HSE Guidance you can get to grips with what you need to do, and check that your systems are up to date, legal and compliant.

Your input creates a dashboard of your Health & Safety compliance status which you can click to drill down and identify issues and actions. Action lists and diary reminders will ensure you keep on top of everything.

All your logistics Health & Safety requirements are comprehensively covered and our award winning software makes it straightforward to get and stay in control of transport compliance for any size of business.

Health & Safety Requirements

Health & SafetyRequirements

H&S Management System

All companies need a H&S Management System, if you have over 4 employees this needs to be formalised.

Risk Assessment

Creating and keeping on top of Risk Assessments is a big task whatever the size of your organisation.

H&S Control on Site

Control of H&S comes in many forms including ensuring that your workforce is complying with their safety-related duties day-to-day.

Workplace Transport Risk

Workplace Transport Risk relates to all the risks connected with moving vehicles when they are not operating on the public highway.

Occupational Road Risk

Occupational road risk (ORR) is now considered a core work-related risk by the HSE; anyone who drives as part of their job (even travelling between meetings) is at risk of being involved in a Road Traffic Collision.

Site Welfare and Access

Includes safe access and egress, safety on shared sites, dealing with young and vulnerable workers, ensuing sufficient heat and light and ensuing walkways are safe.

Specific H&S Risks

Includes Manual Handling, Work Equipment, Lifting Operations, using Display Screen Equipment, using Substances Hazardous to Health, Working at Height, Noise, Legionella, Asbestos, confined spaces etc.


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