SilkThread® Version 2’s features improve workflow

Having SilkThread®  guide you through the O licence compliance maze can reassure CPC holders, managers and depot staff that their fleet is safe and compliant.

Now, SilkThread® helps you even more, by guiding you through the audit process, with enhanced calls to action and visual representations of where you are in the audit process.

The dashboard gives clear instructions on what to do next – pointing the user to the action needed to achieve a green, and compliant, status.

There’s better protection to prevent users accidently starting multiple audits. As a SilkThread®  audit is a snapshot in time, we’ve built in alerts to ensure that audits are not closed before they have been finished – the new increased visibility of audit’s expiry date really helps the user to see how long they have to do the audit.

We’ve also made viewing and handling evidence easier, splitting out the evidence submitted in the Compliance Foundation and Audit sections. This means that you can separately see the established details and processes that are in place in the Compliance Foundation, and the updated evidence based on new supervisory and managerial checks submitted as part of an Audit. There’s also built in protection to prevent deleting of evidence – the very thing that helps prove your depots’ compliance!

With previous versions of SilkThread® , starting a new audit meant that your status went red (meaning you were not compliant). This made sense as the depot wasn’t confirmed as being compliant at this point. However, acknowledging that audits may be started ahead of their due date, and helping managers or auditors to see the status that a depot has achieved, we’ve changed that. SilkThread®  now keeps the previous audit status (as long as it’s in date) while a new audit is being worked on. This means you can keep a green status from one audit to the next.

If you would like to know more about the changes, or how SilkThread®  could help your organisation, please contact us at, or 01926 319860