October 2016 Transport Compliance News in Brief

Senior TC issues a reminder

Senior traffic commissioner (TC) Beverley Bell has reminded hauliers that they should notify their TC of any change that could affect their O-licence.

In a letter to the RHA, Bell asked the association to remind operators that failure to do so could result in action being taken against their O-licence.

She also told operators that if they are issued with an improvement notice by an enforcement agency they should tell the agency when the improvements were undertaken.

A list of the changes hauliers are obliged to inform TC of is in the senior TC’s statutory document number one: good repute and fitness, updated in January.

SilkThread tips to avoid this happening to you: Familiarize yourself with the list and ensure you have diarised regular quarterly dates to check against the details, or follow the prompts in SilkThread.

Traffic Commissioner changes: Beverley Bell announces retirement

Nick Jones moves from the West Midlands to take up a new position as TC for Wales, appointed by the Welsh Government. The first time such a role has existed.

Nick Denton moves from the South-east to the West Midlands and is succeeded by Sarah Bell, moving from the Western traffic area. She is turn is succeeded by Kevin Rooney from the North-east, where a new TC will be sought. Senior TC Beverley Bell, in the North-west, has announced she will cease to be a TC next spring.

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