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SilkThread® O Licence web application is based on our years of logistics industry experience and backed up by our team of expert consultants. Using it, you can be confident you are following industry best practice and you will be updated and alerted to the latest legislation changes that affect you.

All your O Licence requirements are comprehensively covered and our award winning software makes it straightforward for any size of business to take control of transport compliance.

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O Licence Requirements

Applying for an O Licence

Applying for an O Licence is not a simple process. The requirements are complex for those who have not managed vehicles over 3.5t before.

Maintaining vehicles and trailers

Vehicle and trailer maintenance is critical to ensuring road safety, and part of the O Licence undertakings is committing to specific service intervals.

Driver's Hours

Drivers' hours fall into two categories, those which are imposed by the European Union and those which are referred to as the Domestic Regulations.

Working Time Directive

Working Time Directive is EU legislation which affects all UK workers, whether they are employed in the transport sector or not.

Axle Weights & Safe Loading

All vehicles must not be overloaded, both in terms of the total load of the vehicle and each individual axle.

Role of the CPC Holder

The CPC holder has a unique role in ensuring that the Undertakings of the O Licence are complied with.


Drivers are the company's ambassadors, both in terms of demonstrating great customer service but also in terms of ensuring that all aspects of the O Licence undertaking are observed whilst they are driving on the road and making collections and deliveries.


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