New DVSA Guidance on Safe Loading: curtain-sided vehicles

A long standing difference in advice on what is acceptable safe loading of curtain-sided trailers has been finally settled as DVSA guidance (based on the DfT Code of Practice on Safe Loading of Goods Vehicles) and the content of European Standard (based on EN12642 –XL) have dovetailed in their view of what constitutes a safe load.

“New European guidance [still in draft] states that vehicles built to the XL standard will meet the 50% of load securing to the side, as per the DfT code of practice. We now accept XL-rated vehicles as providing 50% of the total maximum vehicle load to the side. So you would not need to use additional lashing or other load security solutions, as long as you have loaded the goods with a positive fit,” the DVSA said in a statement.

Please ensure that your Safe Loading practices conform to the DfT’s Code of Practice on Safe Loading of Goods vehicles, free to download here