DCPC Enforcement action

After all the discussions, predictions and concerns we have managed to successfully come through the first 5 year period of DCPC Periodic Training and seen thousands of new drivers take the extra modules required to obtain their Initial Qualification.

Here are a few key figures recently released from DVSA which you may find interesting. They do show that road side checks are not only happening, but are also identifying some drivers who have yet to comply with DCC requirements.

The following figures are from DVSA and relate to Driver CPC roadside enforcement for the period 1/4/14 to 6/10/14.

During this period 278 offences were recorded with 155 driver paying fixed penalties.

151 were for no evidence of training or exemption and 4 for “No initial or Periodic Training”.

125 of these drivers were UK drivers (Inc. NI) and 30 were Non UK drivers

Other cases involved drivers being referred to Magistrates for not having Driver CPC, while some operators have also been referred for prosecution for “permitting” the drivers offence.

Silk Thread Tip. Check the Driver Qualification Card of any Temporary drivers you may use and ensure your drivers’ DCPC training is carried out annually to avoid any slippage